\"In the nearly 170 years of the history of the World's Fair, there are many bright spots that record the progress of human civilization, and the literature is the most faithful record of these bright spots. Expo Museum Council Chairman Hong Hao said.


Recently held in the Shanghai World Expo Museum (\" Expo Museum \"),\" the World Appraisal Chapter - Expo Historical Literature Exhibition \"is the first special exhibition in the field of World Expo with precious historical literature as the main body. After years of hard work, hong hao said, the expo is now the center of literature research for the global expo, which contains valuable literature in 14 languages from 1831 to the present. At the same time, a special Expo library with an area of 1600 square meters and a design library with a volume of 100,000 volumes will be opened for trial operation, and will gradually be built into a professional service platform for the Expo which integrates resource promotion, information collection and reference consultation.


As the achievements of the Expo Museum in recent years, this exhibition further strengthens the advantages and functions of the Expo Museum in preserving and publicizing the Expo heritage. The Secretary-General of the International Exhibition Bureau and the President of the Council of the World Expo Museum, Vincent Losetais, fully affirmed the professionalism and dedication shown by the Expo Museum in displaying the diversity of the Expo and its themes and its heritage. He said that the \"World Jianzhen Zhang\" exhibition in-depth excavation of the Expo multi-level heritage resources, to show and consolidate the Expo Pavilion as a vibrant research and learning site.


From the date of preparation, the Expo Museum has carried out resource searching, collecting and studying all kinds of Expo documents, and has been fully recognized and strongly supported by the World Expo International Family in the process, and has collected a number of precious Expo documents.


According to the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Shanghai Municipal Government and the International Exhibition Bureau, formally signed in Paris on November 23,2010, the Expo Museum is the only official museum and official document center of the International Exhibition Bureau, which is dedicated to establishing a thematic, systematic, international and authoritative collection of relevant literature resources of the Expo, serving as the core platform for academic research institutions and related personnel of the International Expo in the field of document utilization and academic exchange, and forming a long-term Expo research mechanism to promote the publication of Expo research results.


The exhibition, which is divided into four units, namely,\" drawing creations \"and\" five continents \"and\" writing the future \", has exhibited more than 300 exhibits, spanning more than a hundred years since the World Expo's birth, including official reports, certificates of awards, news pictorials, travel diaries, design drawings, novel books, music recipes and other types.


In order to highlight the depth of the exhibits, the characteristics of the theme and the transformational and interactive functions of the literature as a carrier, during the exhibition, the Expo also organized jointly with the Shanghai Library, the Shanghai Jiaotong University, the reading angel volunteer team and other units and organizations to jointly explore the depth of the literature in various and vivid forms, and to demonstrate the breadth of the Expo. (Reporter)


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The Culture Channel of the Chinese Academy@Family People's Network and the Media Group of the Chinese Academy@Family Country visited the six colleges on the spot to explore the rich philosophy, humanistic spirit, enlightenment thought and morality contained in the college culture, and to explore the role and contribution of the academy in the local and national cultural construction, so as to provide useful enlightenment for governing the country.